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G & B's
Custom Handcarved
Wood Signs


Equestrian, Stables

Business, Farm and Homes
In the Pacific Northwest


Effective March 15th, 2002
We will no longer accept sign orders over
the internet. This is due to losses incurred,
and time spent on designs without
We will do custom signs for local, Oregon,
Residents Only.

Pyrographic Portraits and Wildlife art may still
be ordered online by special arrangements.

  • All Signs Carved in 1 1/2" Pine,
    or 2" Sugar Pine

  • Painted or Natural wood Finishing with
    Top quality UV resistant Sign Paints

  • Gouge carved Backgrounds
    for Old World Texture, These are not routed
    or sandblasted signs, just handcarved quality
    signs made here

  • Any Size up to 56" high by 96" wide

    See Samples Below

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We Accept PayPal Payments
For Items on the Pyrograph Page Only and only
with Authorization by us prior to the purchase
Contact us for more information.

Sign Samples Below

For prices
Please email for information
on how to get an estimate at:

Please click here and read when
ordering custom signs and art.

h-house_250.jpg - 25.52 K
This sign was carved for a
floating home on the Columbia River, and
this is the design that was decided on.

The Sailboat, Compass Rose and the rope
carved in the outer border,depicts life on the
river very well.
mr_250.jpg - 19.59 K
This One is 3 ft wide x 2 ft high.
It was for A Riverside Home and Retreat
The German Shepherds were Burned in
and The Horse Head in a Horshoe was
Burned for accent, and painted
b-brook_250.jpg - 34.06 K
This sign is Approximately 4 ft high
and 3 1/2 ft wide and was made for
an Equestrian Center/Stable in
Nashville, TN. (1 1/2" Thick Pine)

Sorry, but, we do not sell outside
the Pacific Northwest with very
few exceptions.
wt-1_250.jpg - 33.55 K
Here is another Equestrian Center Sign
but is 2 sided, 4 ft, x 4 ft, in 2" Sugar Pine.

h-h_250.jpg - 31.34 K
A small farm and Home sign
Size= 3ft x 3ft
bbbb_250.jpg - 28.07 K
This was a fun one.
A humorous sign approximately
2' x 2' for a hot tub enclosure.
focus_250.jpg - 17.36 K

My First Sign

This one is in Walnut and was the
first sign that I carved.
It was done for a Grand Young Man
and hangs over his desk as a daily
reminder to himself, to keep Focused
and on course to help direct him to his
goals in life.
May they always be on target.
His Children, His Family, His Job
His Health and Happiness.

This one was for our Youngest Son.

We love you Son, and wish you all the
best that life has to offer.
card.jpg - 11.26 K
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