Loki Clan Wolf Refuge-Non Profit

Fred Keating began his love for the Wolf
and Wolf-dog crosses many years ago and as a way
to share his love for the wolf he now provides a lifetime home
for those that get abandoned.

"If you cannot give me a place to live, at least give me a place to die."
--Cheif Joseph


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How To Contact
Loki Clan Wolf Refuge

Street address
P.O. Box 1186
Conway    New Hampshire    03818-1186

Electronic mail address

Loki's Web address
Visit Loki Clan on the web See the wolves and wolfdogs

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Visit Loki Clan wolves and wolfdogs

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Notice: This site is not the home page for Loki,
We have made it to help support Fred and Aimee
and the rescue facility that they have put their heart and sweat
into for the wolf and to urge people to help them
in their immediate and future needs.
They have put their heart and soul into this facility and
live a meager life without any of the luxuries or even simple
convieniences of life in order to help the animals.

They are very deserving of any and all
of the support you can give them.

Please E-Mail Loki Wolf Clan Refuge

lokiclan@gmail.com and give your full support.

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